Tuesday, 4 June 2019

The power of love

As we saw two posts ago, love can work wonders, and this is what today's Hokkien song 爱情的力量 | Ài-tsîng ê li̍k-liōng, "The power of love", is all about. I met with it during the Easter holidays of 2012 and translated it to English soon after that. While writing this draft on Sep 5 2018, I realized that, with my horrible Min back in the days, I had mistranslated a couple of lines, and changed «Not just future’ll be changèd / All laugh at you, no way t’ go» to the present version around 18. By the way, the song also has a Mandarin version which I bumped into in summer 2017 while looking for the video to put in the Chinese song post. Anyways, let's see our song!

Ài-tsîng--ê li̍k-liōng
Sió tsut-á ū-sî iā ē piàn ing-hiông
Ài-tsîng--ê li̍k-liōng
Ing-hiông iā ē uī tsîng lâi pi-siong
Uī tsîng lâi pi-siong
Uī tsîng lâi huán-siông
Put-tān tsiân-tôo siū íng-hióng
Lâng-lâng tshiò lí bô-lōo-iōng
Siánn-lâng bô lí-sióng
Siánn-lâng bô khóo-thiong
Lím-tio̍h thòng-khóo tsāi sim tiong
Thê-tshut ióng-khì koh-tsài tshiong

Love has such great might
Even a pawn a hero can become
Love has such great might
Heroes as well can for love get to grieve
For love get to grieve
For love madness find
Not just your future will be changed
All laugh at you that there's no point
Who has no ideals?
Who has not a pain?
Feeling in the heart sorrow
Get out courage, fight again!

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