Saturday, 22 July 2017

I have nothing

Last post was "Do I really have nothing?", this post is about the "Cantonese version" of that song, or rather a Cantonese song with the same tune and a copied line of the chorus sung in Mandarin, which has basically nothing else to do with last post's song. This is something Wang Jie does a lot: take a Mandarin song of his, copy the tune, put completely unrelated lyrics in Cantonese into said tune, and give it the same title. In this case, almost the same title: the Cantonese version is called I have nothing. As usual, the translations will be recorded and uploaded to Youtube sometime. I only met this song somewhere in summer 2012, IIRC, and the translation is from that period. The part sung in Mandarin would have Jyutping "Si6-fau2 ngo5 zan1 dik1 jat1-mou4-so2-jau5".




#是否我 真的一无所有
是否我 真的一无所有


Zam2 wui4 cai1-so2 zoi6 ze3 hung1-gaan3
Jat1 pin3 hung1 ging2 dik1 si6 ngo5 dik1 hung2-geoi6
Hak1-ngam3 zi1 zung1 wui4-mong6 san1-sau2
Zi2 seon3 hing1-hing1 zuk1-gok3 nei5 dik1 lim5-pong4

* Hung1-heoi1 dik1 sam1 leoi5 jeng2-zoek6 do1-siu3 dik1
Dong1/3-co1 dik1 mei5 mung6 jaa5 lei4-hoi1 [wai3-geoi6

# Shìfǒu wǒ zhēnde yīwúsuǒyǒu?
Sam1 zung1 jyun3-han6 naan6-dou3 jiu3 gai3-zuk6 bat1 dyun3-tou4
Shìfǒu wǒ zhēnde yīwúsuǒyǒu?
Bat1 zi1 naa5 jat6 coi4 nang4-gau3 jung2 dak1 so2-jau5

Do1-siu3 cai1-syun1 jik6 si3 dak1 do1
Do1-siu3 zim1-syun1 dik1 waa6 jik6 dou1 ting3-gwo3
Can1-ngoi3 dik1 nei5 si6-fau2 gam1-sam1
Kap1 ngo5 jat1 dim2 sam1 leoi5 nyun5 dik1 ngoi3-ji3


I have nothing

How will I perch in open air?
It is emptiness that I truly fear
In the dark I stretch out my hands
I just hope to gently caress your face

* How many fears I’m hiding in my hollow heart
I’ve left the dream I started with

Well do I really not have a thing?
Will you still grudge in your heart and not leave such ire?
Well do I really not have a thing?
I don’t know when I e’er can really have you

How much coldness I’ve had to taste
And how many bitter words I have heard
Are you willing, my darling, to
Give me a lovin’ feeling warm in your heart?

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