Monday, 6 November 2017

Even gods celebrate marriages

Today we have a Sappho fragment, which may be considered a wedding song, but has a mythical flavor to it, which is what warranted a separate post for this. This is a quote from Athenaeus's Deipnosophistæ, aka "Dinner of the learned". I will not make a critical note, because all I would say is Edmods, Bergk and Campbell each have slightly different versions in verse splitting and text, and I chose like the first one I found out of laziness and I'm stuck with that choice because of the translations and why make a difference from this post to the All Sappho posts for that? So I'll just give you the text I translated back in the days and the translations, without even quoting the Paracritical Note.

κῆ δ᾽ ἀμβροσίας μὲν
κράτηρ ἐκέκρατ᾽,
Ἔρμαις δ᾽ ἔλων ὄλπιν θέοισ’ ἐοινοχόησε.
κῆνοι δ’ ἄρα πάντες
5 καρχάσι’ ἦχον
κἄλειβον· ἀράσαντο δὲ πάμπαν ἔσλα
τῷ γάμβρῳ.

D’ambrosia ivi
Crater si mesceva,
Che presa l’olpe Ermes a’ de͜i com’ vin versòe.
E tutti giulivi
Carchesî avevan,
Libaron; bene͜ ognora ognun pregòe
Pel sposo.
Ātqu' āmbrŏsĭǣ ’llīc
Crātēr părātūst.
Hērmēsquĕ prēns’ ōlpē dĕīs fūdīt t’ ĕă vīnă.
Īllīquĕ tŭm ōmnēs
Cārchēsĭ’ īllû̆m
Bĭbēnd’ ădōrābānt bŏnă tōtă pr’ īllō

Ambrosia͜ in a crater
Was stirred in there,
And Hermes took the olpe and poured that wine to the Gods
And they all there did
Carchesia bear,
And drank; and they did pray to ask all the goods
For th’ husband.

Note: these are all the references I ever used for Sappho as of now. I may not have used all of these in the present post.

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