Monday, 26 February 2018

So many stars

We stick to our night-time theme today with this very recently translated Hakka song by Anton Xie, the founder of the Hakka Verse Facebook group. On Jan 3 2018 (which is yesterday for me writing now), I recorded it with the intention of whatsapping the Hakka wa group, but then I found out WhatsApp wouldn't let me send it as an attachment because it either wasn't in the right place (and I tried 3 different wrong places) or couldn't be seen. So I decided to try my hands at a Romagnolo version, and it came out pretty good. I started late in the evening, and finished by 00:13 apart from the last two lines, which I then translated in bed. That is also where I lay out the basics of the English version, which was written down the following morning (that is this morning). The spelling, as always, is as described here for Hakka, and here for Romagnolo. Let's get into it!




Stanòt u-j è tãnti stël

Mo guêrda 'ch bëla nòt,
U-j è tãnti 'd ch'al stël,
Me qua fura a zir
Cun 'e vēt ch'u-m bêṣa al göt.
A pẽs a te, mi amôr:
A-m pẽs-t-a nẽca te?
Guêrda quãnti stël:
A-gl-j ë-i nẽch alè da te?

Tòtt 'e mònd l'è tra nô du,
A-n-s putẽn avdéṙ.
I nòst pinsìr i è 'csè divìrs,
I-n pò 'ndêṙ d'acörd.
Kin-pu-yà àn to sen

Kin-pu-yà thien-shî tshiâng
Khòn thien táng àn to sen
Ngâi ngòi-pòi lî hâng
Tshiu-fung liông-liông tsim nga mièn
Sióng tó nga sim-òi nyîn
N̂g ti hân sióng tó mô
Thien táng àn to sen
Nyî ûn ya yìu khòn tó mô

Ńg-tsiu-tshit-hói lióng lî-khoi
Yên-fùn khîu n̂g lôi
Thien kak-lî thì kài sii-sióng
Yún-yén hȧp n̂g lôi

Tonight there's so many stars

Tonight the sky is clear,
So many stars I see.
As I walk out here,
There's a cool wind kissing me.
I think of you, my love:
Do you still think of me?
There's so many stars:
Can you there as well them see?

All the world's between us two,
We can't together be.
Thoughts as far as sky and earth
Never can agree.


  1. This is the coolest thing ever done to my piece of work 😂👍💝🙏

    1. And who knows if it will happen again :). There are a couple translations I mean to put in posts, and allathe Hakka Songs le best series is going into