Friday, 20 April 2018

Can I stop loving you?

And if we are parting, another question may spontaneously arise: how do I avoid loving you still, and tormenting myself with the memories of our wonderful affair which is now over? Or in other words, 能否不想你 | Nang4-fau2 bat1 soeng2 nei5? | Can I not love you?, as the song we look at today is titled. This is a Cantonese song encountered shortly after the last post's song, and translated within the same old Summer 2011 into English. So let's see it!

曾爱上妳      神话故事般美
无奈要放弃      倦了便乏味
而当天的主角      不睬不理

# 行李载满      离别伤心空气
门若闭上了      便再会无期
离开一生所爱      仿佛演戏

* 让我知      能否不想妳
相恋纵是美      分开多痛悲
愿我可      真的不想妳
从前热恋      不想再记

仍始终      想妳
Cang4 ngoi3-soeng5 nei5      san4-waa6-gu3-si6 bun1 mei5
Mou4-noi6 jiu1 fong3-hei3      gyun6-liu5 bin6 fat6-mei6
Ji4 dong1-tin1 dik1 zyu2-gok3      bat1 coi2 bat1 lei5
Fong2-fat1 sat1-sing1 dik1 coeng3-gei1

# Hang6-lei5 zoi3-mun5      lei4-bit6 soeng1-sam1 hung1-hei3
Mun4 joek6 bai3-soeng6-liu5      bin6 zoi3-wui4 mou4-gei1
Lei4-hoi1 jat1-sang1 so2-ngoi3      fong2-fat1 jin2-hei3
Ze2 mok6 gu3-si6 jyun6 mong4-gei3

* Joeng6 ngo5 zi1      nang4 fau2 bat1 soeng2 nei5
Soeng1-lyun2 zung1-si6 mei5      fan1-hoi1 do1 tung3-bei1
Jyun6 ngo5 ho2      zan1 dik1 bat1 soeng2 nei5
Cung4-cin4 jit6-lyun2      bat1 soeng2 zoi3 gei3




Zung1-sai2 zaak6-haa5/6 maan6-joeng6 nim6-tau4 zoi6 ze2 dei6
Leoi6 ji5 tau1-tau1 jung2-ceot1 sam1-seoi3 jyu6-bei5
Zyun3-san1 jat1 saat3-naa5
Jing4 ci2-zung1      soeng2 nei5

Once I loved you      it was mythic’lly good
You just want to leave      you got tired and bored
The role you have this day      you don’t care for
I’m like a disc-player mute

You’re baggage’s full      you leave me sad, in pain
You now close the door,      “See ya when I do”,
Leaving a whole life’s love      you seem to feign
I want to forget this fact

Let me know:      Can I not love you?
Although love is nice      parting’s such a pain
Wish I could      truly not love you
Not remember      of my old love



Though on this earth I’ve abandoned lots of thoughts,
Tears gushed secretly, heartbreak was prepared
Just a blink and I
Still always      love you

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