Saturday, 14 April 2018

Who am I without you?

Yet another assertion of love today, though this time it is done by describing the solitude and inconsistency that parting causes in the singer. Today's song is a Cantonese song titled 明日我是谁 | Ming4-jat6 ngo5 si6 seoi4, or "Who will I be tomorrow?". This was met, again, sometime between Easter and summer 2011, and translated to English that summer shortly after 6/8, then to Czech much more recently to fill the empty column, precisely between 14 and 15 on February 4 2018. Writing this draft on March 20 2018, around 15:21, I changed "As though I left and / With me carried" into "As though I put down / And a-picked up", following this Stack Exchange post. Always following that, around 15:24 I changed "And ev'ry dream with it goes" to "Which follows me in all dreams". Finally, around 15:27, I created the English "Alternative", and the draft was ready. As with a number of other Czech versions, on Sep 10 I received and metabolized and commented correction, and on Sep 22 I received replies to the comments and applied the corrections. A residual question remains, so there will probably be another edit here. Let's see this song!

离别也许是简单 的一句
每次说出偏要 洒眼泪
也在担起 一片空虚
每一个梦 也伴随

# 曾亦幻想 是天生的一对
暗暗放开 想过的顾虑

* 明日你是谁 明日我是谁
明日你是谁 你会爱着谁
祝福一句 你不必再滴泪
明日我 走到何方

明日我 走到何方

Parting may well be a simple small word
Each time, saying it, I want to cry
As though I put down
And a-picked up just a big hole
Which follows me in all dreams.

# Once we dreamt that we were born to be two
And we left all the fears that we had.
But in the end tonight it’s
Your words, o my darling.
I, cruel, in the end say “See ya”.

* Who’re you tomorrow? Who am I tomorrow?
The past must be the past
You need not say we’ll meet
Who’re you tomorrow? Who will be your love?
A blessing phrase you need not again cry.
Alone I look far and walk in
Thunder snow and hail
Where will I tomorrow go?1
Don’t you follow.



Where will I tomorrow go?
Don’t you follow.

1Alternative: Wherever I tomorrow will go
Lei4-bit6 jaa5-heoi2 si6 gaan2-daan1 dik1 jat1-geoi3
Mui5 ci3 syut3-ceot1 pin1-jiu1/3 saa2 ngaan5-leoi6
Zau6-zoeng6 zoi6 fong3-haa5/6
Jaa5 zoi6 daam1-hei2 jat1-pin3 hung1/3-heoi1
Mui5 jat1 go3 mung6 jaa5 bun6-ceoi4

# Cang4 jik6 waan6 soeng2 si6 tin1-sa(a)ng1 dik1 jat1-deoi3
Ngam3-ngam3 fong3-hoi1 soeng2 gwo3 dik1 gu3-leoi6
Daan6-si6 zoi6 zeoi3-hau6 ze5 je6
Can1 jat1 can1 nei5 dik1 zeoi2
Ngo5 zung1-jyu1/4 han2-sam1 dik1 syut3 zoi3-wui246

* Ming4-jat6 nei5 si6 seoi4 ming4-jat6 ngo5 si6 seoi4
Gwo3-heoi2/3 zung1 seoi1 gwo3-heoi2/3
Bat1 bit1 zoi3 syut3 gung1/6-zeoi6
Ming4-jat6 nei5 si6 seoi4 nei5 wui246 ngoi3-zoek3/6 seoi4
Zuk1-fuk1 jat1-geoi3 nei5 bat1 bit1 zoi3 dik1 leoi6
Duk6-zi6 mong6 ze5 jyun5-fong1 bou6-heoi2/3
Leoi4-din6 bing1 syut3 leoi5
Ming5-jat6 ngo5 zau2 dou3 ho4/6-fong1
Nei5 mok6 zoi3 zeoi1



Ming5-jat6 ngo5 zau2 dou3 ho4/6-fong1
Nei5 mok6 zoi3 zeoi1

"Rozejít se" možná snasdé říci
Ale když to říkám vždy roním slzy
Jakoby položil
Bych a zvedl bych prázdnotu
Která sleduje mě v každém snu

Představovali jsme si osud nás spojil
Tajně jsme opustili naše olbavy
Ale na konci dnes večer
Políbím ti ústa
A krutě tobě říkám ahoj.

Zítra kdo budeš? Zítra kdo budu?
Minulost nakonec je minulost
Nemusíme opět sejít se
Zítra kdo budeš? Koho budeš milovat?
Říkám ahoj nemusíš plakat opět
Sám zírám daleko a chodím
V hromu a kroupách
Zítra já kam budu chodit?1
Ne sleduj mě.



Ming5-jat6 ngo5 zau2 dou3 ho4/6-fong1
Nei5 mok6 zoi3 zeoi1

1Alternative: Kamkoli já zítra budu chodit

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