Saturday, 8 September 2018

Soft wind

We digress from our waiting theme for this post, because last post had wind in it, so now is the time for the French song "Vent fin", "Soft wind", which I translated to Chinese for the heck of it in the evening of Jan 21 2018 and set down in Chinese translation at 22:13 the following day, finally looking up "fir tree", and then I translated it to English as a column filler on Apr 24 2018 at 23:52. For the purpose of the video, I turn a suggestion of my brother's into the idea of a 4-voice canon with my family on 15/8/19, and thus make a Greek version within 20:56, which I send to my corrector who sends back two corrections at 14:39 on 16/8/19, namely that φυσείς and τραγουδάεις are wrong forms. Let's see this!

Vent fin,
Vent du matin,
Vent qui souffle au bout du sapin,
Vent qui chante,
Vent qui danse,
Vent fin, vent.


Απαλέ του πρωϊνού,
Που φυσάς στην κορυφή του έλατου,
Που τραγουδάς
Και που χορεύεις,
Soft wind,
O morning wind,
Wind that makes treetops keep trem-bl-ing,
Wind a-singing,
Wind a-dancing,
Soft, soft wind.

Qīng fēng
Zǎochén de fēng
Chuī shàng lěngshān dǐng qù de qīng fēng
Chàng gē de fēng
Tiàowǔ de fēng
Qīng qīng fēng

Apalé toy prōinoý,
Poy fysás sti̱n koryfí̱ toy élatoy,
Poy tragoydás
Kä poy xoréy̆ës,

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