Monday, 11 December 2017

Helpless pining

Today we get back to Min, and to the reason for all this desire to move someone we saw in the last three posts. Today's song is called 无奈的相思 | Bô-nāi--ê siunn-si | Helpless pining, and was met and translated in… wait for it… guess… summer 2012 (I knew you knew :) ). This time, no French, because the French was a column filler in the Mandarin song case (left column had characters and English, right column had Pinyin and a gaping hole, that's where French went), but there was no hole in the Min case because I used to transliterate Min songs both into Min Tai-lo and into Mandarin Pinyin (pretty nonsensical now that I think about it), so chars and Pinyin on the left, and Tai-lo and English on the right. That said (plus that the Min spelling is as always the one described here), let's go! Trivia: without the Min dictionary, I originally translated the end of * as "Thin rain falls non-stop / Leaves my heart with one cold squeak". Yep. Nailed it!

* 孤单坐在窗门边

# 酒一杯一杯

(strum) #
* Koo-tuann tsē tsāi thang-mn̂g-pinn
Khuànn-kìnn tsi̍t phiàn bông-bông iā-káng-pinn
Sió-hōo lo̍h nńg-nńg
Tih lo̍h sim-thâu líng-ki-ki

# Tsiú tsi̍t pue koh tsi̍t pue
Hun tsi̍t ki iū tsi̍t ki
Tsí-ū ka-thiam bô-nāi ê siunn-si
Sī guá pàng lí khì
Sī guá pàng lí khì
Uī-hô phian-phian koh-tsài lâi siūnn lí
Bô-nāi bô-nāi bô-nāi ê siunn-si




* By the window I sit lone
I look out in such a vast vast night
Thin rain falls so soft
The drops fall and freeze my heart

# Drink one glass take one more
Smoke on and on, but I
Just make grow my helpless missing you
I now let you go
I now let you go
Why can I still not stop loving you?
Helpless helpless helpless missing you



(strum) #

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